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Kenpoi - enhanced listings and advertisements
Target specific advertising for location and content
Kentpoi helps to build awareness of your business. Adding online advertising to your marketing helps you to reach people who have never heard of you or who have only ever walked past your premises.
By promoting your business on Kentpoi you could improve your position on search engines but more importantly you will promote your business to local consumers.


Finding the right audience at an affordable budget can be a big struggle. Instead of segmenting their online advertising to local markets, many businesses buy static ads without much targeting.
Directory web advertising offered by Kentpoi will allow businesses to reach local users and visitors to Kent, and can be geographically targeted, to meet the demands and needs of your businesses.
If your business already has a website, then inclusion in our directories is important so the many thousands of visitors we get can find your site on the internet. If your business doesn't have an internet website, then a listing in our directories is important as it exposes you to our constant stream of internet visitors who would often not know about your existence. If you don't have an email address or internet access, you don't need to worry as potential clients can use other alternative forms of communication specified in your listing such as telephone or postal address in order to get further information from you about what you offer and to make contact.
What do you get? Well, a lot, an enhanced listing, your own microsite webpage - see the examples below.

Enhanced page listing examples

Cultural Experiences

Cultural Experiences

Richard Tozer Furniture

Richard Tozer Furniture

The Worx Disco

Worx Disco

Mayday Plumbing 01303 850340

Mayday! Plumbing

FILTERFIND© is constantly updating the Kentpoi directories.


FILTERFIND© is currently indexing and populating Kentpoi with easy to filter directories for over 100, 000 venues, businesses, clubs, restaurants, etc., across Kent and Southeast England, covering 254 Towns and Villages.


Look out for the enhanced listings.
Enhanced listings on the Kentpoi Directories have a prominent place at the top of a Directory page.

Raising awareness and helping to promote.
Target specific for location and content.

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Directories on the Kentpoi website

Our easily filtered search pages at Kentpoi will allow businesses to reach local users and visitors to Kent and Southeast England.
Over 200 informative webpages on Kent. As well as listing accommodation, recreational activities, shopping, tours, restaurants, historic houses, castles, and places of interest, we publish detailed Kent town and village profiles.
With an enhanced listing on the Kentpoi website, we display as many of your direct contact details as you like - telephone, email address and website address. This allows prospective customers to get in touch with you directly and instantly.

Requirements: What do we need?

Good quality images in jpg format - Your information - 50 or so words will be fine - Your contact details
We will do the rest

Easy, Quick, Affordable - Target Specific

We are target specific for location and content for our directories. So with careful placement of your enhanced listing, you will get found!
Because you and your potential guests interact directly, there is no need to waste time tracking the source of your enquiries or recording and paying commissions, which is how many other advertising websites work. An enhanced listing on Kentpoi operates much like an advertisement in the Yellow Pages business directory or a newspaper, thus connecting you with your customers directly, with no paperwork, administration or extra charges.
We regularly post announcements and information for forthcoming events in Kent on our "What's On" Page.

Value for Money

Our advertising rates are much less than what most other major internet travel and accommodation websites charge. Especially if you are paying a commission on bookings, it could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of pounds a year, plus all the time and effort required for tracking and reporting bookings, and paying regular commissions.
This offers a cost-effective alternative to pay-per-click advertising that requires you to pay every time someone clicks on the link to your website.
A listing on Kentpoi provides you with a constant stream of high quality traffic for no additional cost.

Tourist Information

As well as listing accommodation, shopping, tours, recreational activities, restaurants, historic houses, castles, and places of interest, we publish detailed town and village profiles which include tourist information, links to other relevant visitor information on the internet, transport details, weather forecasts, maps and a selection of videos and photos, enabling visitors to use us as a guide for a one stop shop for travel information.
The value of Kentpoi as a travel guide is visitors can find information about the places they are planning to stay at or visit.

Easy to use Website for Travellers

The Kentpoi website has been designed to be simple and fairly quick loading by omitting many distracting elements. Our aim is ensure prospective travellers find information and your advertisement as quickly and easily as possible.
Our website also omits the strategy of "keyword stuffing" whereby many pages feature certain repeated phrases which people typically enter in search engines, including a whole host of misspellings of those. While this may possibly improve a website's ranking in search engines, it is simply an unpleasant experience for humans to read.
Kentpoi is designed for use by humans and does not compromise its content or readability by using tricks to try and achieve better rankings in search engines.

Easily found on the Internet

We are highly ranked in many web search engines, including the internet's most popular, Google, Yahoo and Bing. Those search engines will often return our web pages within the first page of results when people search for the names of towns and villages in Kent. Try searches like some town or village name optionally followed by the word "kentpoi" and see how well we do.

Efficient and Friendly Customer Service

Kentpoi supports our advertisers and continuously promote and expand the information on the website. All this comes from real people based right here in Kent who have travelled across the county in order to research and publish promotional tourist information on our online guide.
About Us
Kentpoi is a free resource.
We seek to offer our visitors something entertaining, interesting and relevant every time they visit this website.

We are constantly updating the content of this website based on the feedback from our audience.

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